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Wrecker Towing for Large and Heavy Vehicles

Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Some are petite and minute while others can be quite large. Some may serve for the transportation of a small number of passengers while others, such as boats, can sail the seas. The one thing all of these vehicles, small or big, have in common, is the fact that somewhere down the line they all have to be towed for whichever reason. This is easy enough when dealing with private cars or with motorcycles. But what happens when busses get stuck? Or even RVs or motor homes for that matter?

Wrecker towing for heavy duty towing

When smaller vehicles get stuck or otherwise need towing, any towing equipment will suffice. Their relatively manageable size and weight make them quite easy to handle. However, these regular towing trucks, techniques, and equipment, won’t do much good when applied on larger and heavier vehicles. Not only will they won’t do much good, but rather they can cause further damage. That’s why heavy duty towing techniques, such as wrecker towing, have been developed.

When should wrecker towing be used?

Whenever there are larger and heavier vehicles involved, wrecker towing should be your choice. Such vehicles include 4X4s, RVs, trucks, SUVs, busses, heavy machinery, and even boats. These vehicles’ sheer size, weight, and complexity of towing make regular towing equipment futile. Certified technicians who’re specifically trained to operate heavy duty equipment, such as a wrecker tow truck by Green Towing Long Beach, will be able to complete these tasks without difficulty.

Wrecker towing – advantages

When executed by professionals, wrecker towing services offer quite a few important advantages. Regular towing methods become irrelevant when dealing with especially large and heavy vehicles. Wrecker towing is designed for exactly that purpose – to take care of particularly large and heavy vehicles. That does not mean however, that smaller and lighter vehicles can’t be towed by a wrecker tow truck. Most towing techniques are applicable for certain types of vehicles. Wrecker towing can be used to tow any and every type of vehicle. Some towing methods offer a less than safe ride for the towed vehicles that can subject them to lesser road conditions, pit holes, gravel, and the like. Wrecker towing completely separates the towed vehicle from the road, making the ride completely safe and smooth.

Green Towing Long Beach – additional services

Other than wrecker towing services, our team of certified technicians will gladly offer these roadside emergency services:

  • Local & long distance towing
  • Dolly, flatbed, and motorcycle towing
  • Recovery services
  • Flat tires changing
  • Car lockouts & out of gas
  • Car battery jump starts & replacements
  • And much more