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Dead Battery Jumpstart in Long Beach

Green Towing and Your Dead Battery Jump-start

You were late to work and hurried away from the car forgetting to turn off the lights. It doesn’t matter whether you discover this at lunchtime or the end of the day, being stranded in a parking lot with a dead battery is never any fun. As a matter of fact it can sometimes be more than a bit humiliating. But it happens to all of us at least once in life. Our team at Green Towing is more than familiar with all the scenarios in which you might find yourself stranded by a dead battery. Having served as the towing and roadside assistance experts in the Long Beach community for a number of years we’re proud to provide you with the care you might need if your car is ever dead in the water and needs a jump. 24 hours a day Green Towing dispatchers are standing by to take your call and send a truck and technician to you within 30 minutes. We’ll do our best to show you the utmost care as well as high level expertise keeping you safe and getting you back on the road.

Reasons To Call Green Towing

There’s more than one reason you should count on us. Not only are our technicians fully trained and certified, but our company is licensed and backed by the state Tow Truck Association. Green Towing is qualified to handle any car troubles that leave you helpless. Among the reasons to call for our help are these:

  • Battery health diagnosis: if your battery won’t start we can help you figure out why.
  • Flat Tire Fix: Dead Batteries aren’t everything.
  • Car Lockout: Lose or break your keys and your battery won’t be your biggest problem.

Assisting Long Beach drivers with their battery jumpstarts is a service we’re more than happy to offer you. And perhaps the biggest reason we would suggest you call for our assistance isn’t even for yourself. Young drivers are the most inexperience and absent minded. This means a dead battery isn’t just likely; it’s dangerous. If they don’t have the right tools and experience they could be hurt. If you have young drivers in your family you never want them to get stranded somewhere in the dark and alone. Making sure that your children and loved ones know whom they can call for help will give you peace of mind. Our team responds quickly, we can provide proof of identity for their benefit and total expertise in all things having to do with dead battery repair or restarting.

Straightforward Process

When it comes to jumpstarting your battery we know it’s a straightforward process, chances are you’ve jumped a few batteries yourself. Of course, you can’t jump a car on your own, and it’s even more difficult without jumper cables. Plus there’s always the threat of crossed cables and accidents. We have all the tools to get your battery going again. What’s more, we can diagnose a bad battery and help you get it replaced, or we can help you fix any complications that are causing your battery to fail in your car. Our technicians are trained and will keep your safety as their first priority.

So, even though battery failure is the highest cause of car trouble in the world, with Green Towing it doesn’t need to be a cause of concern for you. Anywhere in Long Beach and any time day or night a Green Towing Technician is available to help you resolve your battery troubles and get back on your way—no fuss, no muss.