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Motorcycle Towing Service

Towing For You and Your Bike

The kind of vehicle we choose to drive defines us: frugal, adventurous, wealthy, economical etc. Choosing to drive a motorcycle can mean many things like cheap gas, high speeds, fun, and of course freedom. This is why a motorcycle broken down on the side of the road is one of the sorriest sights you’ll ever see. Here at Green Towing of Long Beach CA we empathize with the pain of bike troubles so we’re fully equipped and ready at any moment to lend a helping hand and make sure you and your bike are back on the open road as soon as possible.

All About Motorcycle Towing

Green Towing technicians are more than prepared to offer you superior motorcycle towing. Trained and certified in the operation of towing vehicles as well as versed in many mechanical matters Green Towing technicians are more than your average towing guys. Our priority is to make sure we respond immediately (30 min) to any call and offer them the best service and prices around. We’ve watched the competition and we know what they offer and what they don’t. Motorcycle towing is about towing with care. Bikes deserve great towing care so the paint job or custom fittings aren’t damaged in any way, that’s why our trucks are equipped with the right tools to protect your bike en route to your destination. Trouble doesn’t wait until it’s convenient to show it’s ugly face. When you’re in dire straights Green Towing is the company you can count on to provide service 24 hours a day with a smile and solution to help wash the stress away.

Roadside Assistance

Motorcycle towing isn’t difficult for our highly trained technicians, but at Green Towing we do our best to rule out all the alternative solutions before hauling your bike away. Green Towing technicians will provide complete roadside assistance when they arrive on the scene. If you need a tire change or a battery jump start we can hook you up. If you have run out of gas our technicians are happy to provide a filler-up at any time day or night. Roadside assistance is of course part of our regular service for all vehicles. From unlocking cars to duplicating and programming lost car keys we can assist with any vehicular trouble on-the-spot, simple as that. Often our technicians can help diagnose a mechanical problem or resolve another malfunction without too much trouble.

Credentialed for Your Confidence

We want our customers to know that they’re counting on the best team in all of Southern California. This is why we’ve always gone to extra lengths to get the training and credentials we need to help you feel confident in our service. Here at Green Towing whether it’s a truck or motorcycle we’re towing away our commitment is to safety and protection for the owner and the vehicle. Loading and unloading bikes is done with the utmost care. Drivers are safe and law abiding and knowledgeable of the area so that we can get you where you need to go quickly and safely. Each of our trucks is not only equipped with the tools to do the job, but we navigate with GPS systems to make sure the journey goes smoothly.

There’s more as well Green Locksmith is a CTTA certified company. We are fully licensed and bonded and each of our technicians is covered fully by insurance so that every transaction and job performed is protected in case of accident. You’re trusting your bike to the hands of professionals when you trust Green Locksmith. Let us be your wingmen as you travel the Long Beach highways, we’re always here for you night and day in any situation we’re ready to get you out. Whether you need motorcycle towing because of troubles or simply to get your bike to a vacation destination, Green Locksmith is the service for you.