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Green Towing to Destinations Near or Far

Though Long Beach is a community we’re definitely proud to be a part of, as the towing experts in the area we’re fully aware that Long Beach is not the end of the world. Living in Long Beach, commuting to Long Beach, or just visiting Long Beach we know there are places to go and things to do and we’re ready to take you there. Not only do we at Green Towing provide complete emergency towing and roadside assistance at any time day or night we also are equipped and eager to help you with any non-emergency towing you might need. From heavy-duty to light-duty trucks our technicians can move your vehicles both locally and long distance. Your satisfaction with our service is guaranteed we’ll do what it takes to keep your vehicle safe and sound while covering the distance to its destination. Trust Green Towing technicians to provide you with the best towing service in So. California.

What We Tow

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RV’s the vehicles we drive bring us both thrill and transportation, they can represent freedom and be the means to our very way of life. Vehicles are not living and breathing, but they deserve the best care we can give them, which is why transporting them with long distance towing deserves the proper equipment. Instead of dragging a car behind you as you move across the state trust Green Towing of Long Beach to help you get your car there without a single extra mile or scratch on the paint.

Here at Green Towing we are proud to provide complete local and long distance towing services for any vehicle or property you might need towed. Our honest pricing policy guarantees that you’ll pay a fair price no matter how far you need us to go. Really we’re willing to go any distance to help you get home and away. If you’re selling a car and need it transported to the buyer—we’ve got you covered. If you’re vehicle broke down on a road trip and you need it brought home—we’ve got you covered.

Trust the Professionals

As towing professionals we’ve seen towing tragedies all too often. Many people attempt to tow their property on their own. What these people don’t realize is that towing is a complicated process. To do the job properly and safely one must know everything about loading, securing and driving with a trailer or vehicle in tow. Our technicians are fully trained and have years of experience behind them. They know exactly how to provide complete safety for you and your property. Having a professional handle your towing also ensures that you’re protecting the other drivers in the community who are sharing the roads with you. You wouldn’t ask a friend to perform your surgery, without experience and know how a friend is not the right resource for towing either.

Green Towing is a fully licensed and certified team of technicians who are very familiar with the Long Beach area. We promise a response time of 30 minutes or less, we promise affordable prices and knowledgeable advice to make sure you get the service you’re looking for. Green Towing is the towing service you can trust with your family and property. So if you’re planning a trip or a move or if it happens upon you unexpectedly just call Green Towing for all towing needs as well as roadside assistance. When it comes to service we’re striving to set the bar higher for our competitors because we already put our customers needs first. Call Green Towing today.