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I called Green Towing Long Beach when I needed an urgent flat bed tow and they were amazing throughout the entire procedure. I scheduled a tow service for the early morning and indeed a flatbed tow truck operator was on location on time and completed the job with no sweat. They are very organized and professional and I have recommended them to everyone I work with.

Kurt Biron

I got stuck on the freeway one day with no gas and called Green Towing Long Beach for their roadside assistance service. It was a very hot summer day and I couldn’t turn on the AC, so the fact that they arrived quickly will never be forgotten. Thanks again for the gas delivery and refill.

Erik Greenlaw

The company I work for was relocated and I was in charge of getting all the heavy duty equipment transferred over. It‘s important to mention that this equipment is very expensive, so insurance was the first thing I was looking for along with a reasonable price to fit our budget. I found and called quite a few towing companies and only Green Towing Long Beach was able to keep up with our standards. I’d recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable towing service.

Jamie Hegwood

I’ve had to use Green Towing Long Beach twice already and they have not disappointed me. Their service is simply the best out there. Not only are they always available 24 hours a day, but their customer service representatives and tow truck drivers are professional and friendly and have been able to comfort me each time I had a car emergency. It’s always a relief to know that someone’s got your back if your car breaks down for whatever reason and their quick arrival time is definitely an additional advantage.

Marcie Nagao

My wife and I got stuck on the roadside literally in the middle of nowhere with a dead car battery, there was not even cellular reception. Thankfully we found a payphone nearby and asked our daughter to call up a towing company. I don’t know where she found Green Towing, (I’m assuming on the internet), but they were amazing, they located us quickly, charged our car battery and saved us the unnecessary towing.

Darryl Brehmer