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Anaheim Towing Uses Tech To Better Serve Customers

When we think of technology, the towing industry certainly doesn’t come up first in our minds. That’s why we decided to write about how technology, and even social media, can play a very important role in the towing industry. For this post, we are turning to our exemplary team in Anaheim to better explain how advanced we’ve become in tech equipment and social networking as well.

Tech Advancements in Towing & Roadside Assistance

These days, are cars are far more like computers than a metal mechanical box that gets us from point A to B. As a result, mechanics and also tow companies needed to make adjustments to catch up the advancements in the vehicles. Green Towing Anaheim is one such company that is making significant strides. One area is in proving transponder key programming on the spot for lockout situations. Most of the new car models open and lock doors via a transponder system that requires special equipment and coding knowledge. In the past, people would turn to their car dealerships for getting new keys, but today, some tow companies like Green Towing Anaheim, are providing these services on the spot.

Another area where towing companies are surprising us is in social media. When it comes to emergency situations, a smart phone becomes your life line. Green Towing Anaheim has a custom mobile site, which is optimized for the mobile experience.  With a small screen, long websites with lot of detail are worthless.  Green Towing Anaheim has created an easy app-like page with big buttons to go to specific areas addressing your situation. The phone number is big and prominent to make a call right away.

Social Networking Connects Us to Our Customers

The company also keeps up with the community via facebook and twitter. Tips on how to avoid roadside problems and what to do in the instance of having a flat tire are also updated regularly on the blog page of the site. It shows how the company is dedicated to the community’s roadside safety and stays in touch online and offline.

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