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Roadside Emergency Tips

When you’re in an emergency, you may or may not think well on your feet. Most people struggle with how to think quickly or intelligently to resolve a situation that they did not anticipate. Emergencies are never anticipated, and knowing how to deal with them can be very difficult. That is why you should always make a plan beforehand. If there was a hurricane coming, you’d plan ahead by getting all your valuables, food, and clothing into the car and evacuating the premises. Likewise, if there is an emergency on the side of the road, you should prepare by having a plan of attack for how to tackle the situation. Here are some roadside emergency tips that we recommend as professionals in Towing Long Beach.

Tip 1: Have A Towing Contact In Your Phone

The best piece of advice we can offer you is to have the phone number to a reliable and professional towing agency in your phone. If you need help on the side of the road, you should call us at Towing Long Beach to come help you out. That way, we can come help you and get you back on the road.

Tip 2: Avoid Roadside Emergencies with Regular Maintenance and Checking Up

Of course, one of the best ways to deal with a roadside emergency is to minimize its likelihood of happening. This means getting your vehicle regularly checked for troubles and maintenance needs. It also means paying attention to your car. If you notice it’s making a strange sound, emitting smoke, or there’s an unusual resistance or sensation happening while you drive, chances are it needs a repair. Additionally, if you notice that you’re running out of gas soon, don’t put off filling up. Just do it so that you don’t end up on the side of the road, suddenly having run out of gas. (Though if that do happens and you’ve followed Tip 1, you can call us and we’ll deliver gas to you right away.)

Tip 3: Keep Necessary Supplies In Your Car

Dealing with a roadside emergency requires having necessary supplies with you. If you’ve got a flat tire and you have no spare, or no jack or tools to switch it out, you’re going to have to call us to come. Truthfully, it’s safest to call us anyway, but if you really know what you’re doing and if you have all the supplies, you can safely change a flat tire on your own. Similarly, if your car stalls and you can’t start it up again, you could pull out jumper cables, flag down the nearest driver, and ask for their help in jumpstarting your car. However, the most important supplies to keep in your vehicle for when a roadside emergency happens are blankets, food, and water, because you never know how long the emergency could keep you stranded for. Keep non-perishables in a sealed bucket in the back so that if you are stranded for hours, you can at least have something to eat, drink, and keep you warm or cool depending on the weather. And you never know – a cool water bottle could help cool down your engine if it’s suddenly overheating and you have to wait for a towing service to arrive.