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How to Avoid Car Lockout Situations

Even the most organized person may lose their car keys or lock their car with the keys inside, any of us may have our bags stolen with our car keys in them. When such a thing happens we find ourselves standing helplessly next to our locked car unable to drive off as we had planned.
We have put together a list of tips which will help you avoid car lockout situations in the first place as well as to efficiently deal with them if they do occur.

“Unlooseable” Car Keys

Alas, there is no such thing as “unloosable” car keys (or any other portable items of similar sizes for that matter). But there is a lot you can do in order to lessen the chance of losing your keys. For instance, many key chains are designed specifically to do just that, they make your keys more cumbersome and turn the whole package (keys and key ring/key chain)   into something you are much less likely to lose.
Some of us may even decide to use a key chain which can be physically attached (by clip) to a belt hoop or any other convenient place assuring they remain on our person (usually tucked inside a pocket) or secure in our handbags/briefcases/laptop case etc.

Train yourself to check if Your Car Keys are With You

There is great strength in habit. It will certainly reduce the risk of losing your car keys if you get used to making sure they are with you every time you get up to leave. Most of us carry several items with us regularly, a smartphone, our wallets etc. If we make it a habit to check if we have them all with us before we begin to make our way out we will dramatically reduce the chance of realizing we do not know where our phones / car keys / wallets etc. are.

If you allocate a certain place for each items such as the ones mentioned above (car keys included) it will be easy to make sure you have them when you want to leave. These “assigned places” should be easy to access on the one hand but also secure enough to avoid these important items from falling out or being stolen.

Effectively Managing a Car Lockout Situation

There are things we can do in advance which will help us solve a car lockout situation quicker in cases when all the precautions we have taken failed from preventing it.
It is a good idea to have extra sets of car keys in places where they can be brought from, for instance you may choose to have extra sets made so that you can keep one permanently in the office, at home, at the house of a good friend etc.

If all fails and you do find yourselves locked out of your car unable to go on with your plans, it is good to have the number of a reliable auto locksmith service provider handy.